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SAAM has a well equipped restoration hangar. We lovingly refer to it as 'the best men's shed' in Adelaide. We are also very fortunate to have a number of teams of dedicated, well trained and experienced volunteers, who work on the preservation and restoration of significant items in our collection. These teams also care for our aircraft engines and occasionally get to run some of them on special events days.
Restoration Projects
Avro Anson EF-954 was delivered to No. 2 AP Bankstown on 28 December 1942 and to No. 6 SFTS at Mallala on 3 April 1944. It was used for training Australian pilots and aircrew during WW2. After the war, this aircraft was sold to Mr Reg Franks, a farmer from Mallala, on 30 May 1947. Mr Franks donated the Anson to the Museum on 18 May 1984 (prior to the Museum's establishment meeting of June 1984). Restoration includes parts from Anson AW-965, which was later VH-FIA of Flinders Island Airlines. The latter came to the Museum in 1994. For more information, click here.

Fairey Battle N2188 was received by the RAF in May 1939 and sold to Australia soon after. It was officially handed over to the RAAF on 25 March 1941. After arriving in Australia, it was allocated to 2 BAGS at Port Pirie in September 1941 and used for aircrew training. It was mainly utilised for air gunnery training. On 7 May 1943 it force-landed into mangroves north of Port Davis just west of Port Pirie aerodrome. The site was so swampy the aircraft was not recoverable. The engine, front cockpit and tail were salvaged and the rest abandoned. The remains were rediscovered by local aircraft enthusiasts in June 1974. The fuselage was recovered during several trips over two years. The aircraft eventually came to the Museum in September 1987. Later a set of wings was donated by the RAF Museum at Hendon, UK. Restoration, which commenced in 1999, has been made possible by a generous grant of $26,000 from the SA Division of the RAAF Association to cover the cost of machinery, tools and materials. The aircraft is one of only four surviving Battle aircraft in the world. Components for the restoration of N2188 have been acquired from the UK, Canada, Belgium and locally. For more information, click here.

Clarktor 6 towing tractor.
Made in MIchigan U.S.A.
Serial No. 44.44800 Code CM.
Heavy Series.
More details soon.
Recently Completed Restorations (now on display)

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