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Wittber Engine
The First Australian Aero Engine - On 13 March 1910, Carl (Bill) Wittber was conducting taxiing trials in a paddock at Bolivar in a Bleriot X1 monoplane imported by Adelaide businessman Fred Jones, when the aircraft rose about 5 feet and travelled for about 40 yards. This was the first aircraft flight in Australia. The Bleriot, piloted by Fred Custance, crashed 4 days later. Wittber bought the wreck and was planning to use the Azani engine in a biplane he was building but it was not powerful enough. He built a 6 cylinder engine based on the Azani design. The engine was completed in 1915, but the government stepped in and banned any further civilian attempts at flying. This so disheartened Wittber that he burnt the timber frame and covering of his aircraft and sold the engine. In his retirement, however, he did seek out the remaining parts of his engine, and reconstructed it. You can see the engine at SAAM.
Allison Allison
Turbo Prop
ASCheetah Armstrong Siddeley
ASLynx Armstrong Siddeley
Lynx Radial
Blackburn Blackburn
BSViper Bristol Siddeley
Viper Turbojet
DHGypsy de Havilland
Gipsy Major
DHGypsy de Havilland Gipsy
Major 140 (Skeeter)
DHGypsyQueen de Havilland
Gypsy Queen
Gnome Gnome Monosoupape
Rotary c.1914
HSViper Hawker Siddeley
Viper Turbojet
Lycoming Lycoming
Lycoming Packard Merlin
PWJT3 Pratt & Whitney
JT-3 Turbofan
P&W-R985 Pratt & Whitney
R-985 Radial
PWWasp Pratt and Whitney
R-1340 Wasp Radial
RRAvon Rolls Royce
Avon Turbojet
RRDerwent Rolls Royce Derwent
RD8 Turbojet
RRKestrel Rolls Royce
Kestrel V-12
RRMerlin Rolls Royce
Merlin MKIII
RRNene Rolls Royce
Nene Turbojet
Walter Walter
Minor 6-111
WestinghouseJ34 Westinghouse
J34 Turbojet
Witber Wittber Aero Engine
Sth. Aust. 1914
WrightR2600 Wright
2600 Radial

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