South Australian Aviation Museum
Displays - Hangar 1

ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Airlines of
South Australia
ATC Andy Thomas
NASA Astronaut
air league Australian Air League
Pt. Adelaide Squadron
Piper Simulator Flight Simulators
Guinea Airways Guinea Airways
Jon Johanson Jon Johanson
RV4 & Trophies
qantas Qantas Ground Eq.
Stairs & Tug
commercial Wittber Engine
WW2 Air Crew WW2 - RAAF SA
Air Crew Training
qantas WW2 - SA
and Europe
console WW2 - S.A.
and the Pacific

Displays - Hangar 1 Mezzanine

Cessna Australian Women
Pilots' Association
Cessna Cessna Flying Club
South Australia
24sqn City of Adelaide
24 Squadron
Kingsford Smith Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
SA Aviators Early South Australian Aviators
turret Smith Brothers
1919 Flight
ww1 WW1 Models
& Memorabilia

Displays - Hangar 2

caribou DHC-4 Caribou
& on-board Video
bullimore Tony Bullimore
Rescue at Sea
vietnam Vietnam War Display
& Canberra Nose

Objects of Interest
SAAM has hundreds of significant Objects of Interest. The objects below are just a sample.
trainer Air Crew Trainer
turret Frazer-Nash
FN5 Turret
link trainer Link Trainer
Pave Tack Pave Tack - Laser
Targetting for F111
turramurra Turramurra
Tow Target
console Wormald Fire Unit

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