South Australian Aviation Museum
3.2 metre Laminated Wolfe Propeller as used by Zeppelin Airship
On display in Hangar 1
Vimy Propeller Hub
SAAM has a large collection of historic propellors on display in hangar 1. The most significant one is actually just a burnt hub from the Smith Brothers Vickers Vimy. This is all that remains of the aircraft's two original, 10 feet 5 inch diameter 4 blade propellers. In 1957, the Vimy aircraft was being road freighted to Adelaide from Canberra when, on the 3rd November near Keith, the aircraft caught fire and was extensively damaged. The propeller (hub) is on display in SAAM's Smith Brothers First Flight display in hangar 1, along with a number of original items that were used by the Smith on the 1919 flight.

Examples of wooden propellers on display at SAAM include:
Avro 504K
Avro 504K (130hp Clerget engine) c.1913-1934

Sopwith Tabloid (100hp Monosoupape Gnome engine) c.1914-1918

Sopwith Camel (Clerget Rotary 130hp) 1917-1920

DH9 2.73m diam. (240hp Siddeley Puma engine) C.1917-1937

Vickers Viastra 11 (Bristol Jupiter XIF engine) c.1930-1936

Westland Wapiti (503hp Jupiter engine) c.1930-1940

Gipsy Moth
DH-60G Gipsy Moth c.1930-1940.

Watts 3.23 metre Hawker Demon (RR Kestrel V DR 600hp engine) c.1931-1945

Airspeed Oxford
Airspeed Oxford (340hp Cheetah engine) c.1937-1950

Engine Test Prop (fitted to Lycoming engine on SAATAS Test Truck)

Supermarine Seagull (Napier Lion 2 450hp engine) c.1921-1933

Other Propellors
SAAM also has a collection of modern propellers.
These will be added to this page in due course.