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Communications Equipment at SAAM
SAAM has an extensive collection of Communications Equipment in storage and not listed here. The items listed on this page are items on display and items that have been catalogued to date. We also have plans to re-develop the communications equipment display in Hangar 1 to become 'Safety in the Skies', incorporating communications equipment - watch this space.
Communications Equipment on Display at SAAM
console Air Ministry Receiver
R-1155 (Lancaster & Halifax)
Air Ministry Microwave Test Unit
Model RI295
AWA Receiver CR-6B
Used by Dept. of Civil Aviation
Bendix Aircraft Receiver RA-1B
Commercial & Military use (WW2)
Collins R37 UHF Receiver
Used by Dept. of Civil Aviation
Flight Services Console
Ex. Broken Hill
Flight Services Console
Ex. Mount Gambier c. 1950-1980
Kingsley Receiver AR7
RAAF c.1950's
Vintern R32 VHS Receiver
(Y5/613) Ground to Air
console WRE Telemetry Test Receiver
Used with Jindivik Pilotless Aircraft
Communications Equipment in Storage

Adelaide Airport Control Console

Bendix Aircraft Transmitter - Type TA-12D (4 channel)
The transmitter delivers 40 watts into an antenna consisting of 10 ohms resistance in series with 250mmf capacitance. The equipment was rated for intermittent service - 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. The set drew 16.5 amperes at 25 volts.

Dynair Transceiver - Type SKY515 MWP
Aircraft Band

Packard Bell Test Set Transponder - Type TS-1809
Rare Aircraft Transponder Test Set.

Traeger Transceiver - Type 48s3
Typical of RFDS radio c. 1950

Traeger Transceiver - Type 48s20
Typical of RFDS radio c. 1950. 20W (high power) version of the Type 48s3

Traeger Transceiver - Type 595A
These were used specifically by School of the Air pupils. c. 1959

Vinten VHF Transceiver - Type RT-3
Portable Unit Ex. Fire Engine Adelaide.

Vinten VHS Transmitter - Type RT-12
240V rack mounterd. Used for fire fighting communications.

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