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The key exhibit of the Badger Family Collection is the Mark Vc Supermarine Spitfire EE853 A58-146 (UP-O). This spitfire was constructed in the UK in 1942 and shipped to Australia in 1943. It did service in the pacific theatre until August 1943, when it had a landing accident. Langdon Badger recovered it in 1971 and restored it to display condition. It has been on display at SAAM since October 2001. For more on this aircraft, click here.
Other items

chair Observer's Chair
collection Salvaged Parts
collection Memorabilia
collection Propellors & Engines

Rolls Royce Merlin & Packard Liberty engines
90 gallon Spitfire drop-tank
Various ANA, Ansett-ANA & Ansett items
Military uniforms and memorabilia
Tiger Moth, Avro Anson & Mustang propellors
Small motorcycle similar to those used by parachute troops
Japanese Zero Drop Tank
A section of a Zero shot down over Darwin