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Australian Women Pilots Association Display
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Australian Women Pilots Association
By 1930, there were 28 Australian Women with Class'A' Licences. The first Commercial 'B' Licence for a woman was issued in 1931 to Phyllis Arnott, who never used it for commercial aviation purposes. She later became an opera singer. In 1950, a group of women pilots met at the invitation of the founding President Nancy-Bird Walton to form a group of women with similar interests in flying, and so The Australian Women Pilots Association was born.

The display features stories and historical artifacts of known and (relatively) unknown women pilots. Some are mentioned below:

Amy Johnson - First woman to fly solo UK to Australia (1930)
Florence Taylor & Emma Scultz - First Australian women to fly (1909)
Millicent Maude Bryant - First woman to be licenced to fly in Australia (1926)
Lores Bonney -First woman to circumnavigate Australia (1932)
Freda Thompson - First Australian woman to fly solo from UK to Australia (1934)