South Australian Aviation Museum
Flight Services Console (ex. Broken Hill)
On display in Hangar 1
SAAM has an extensive collection of Communications Equipment.
Some on display & some in storage.

Communications Equipment on Display at SAAM
console Air Ministry Receiver
(see below)
console Air Ministry Test Unit
Model RI295
(see below)
console AWA Receiver CR-6B
Used by Dept. of Civil Aviation
console Bendix Aircraft Receiver RA-1B
Commercial & Military
console Collins R37 UHF Receiver
Dept. of Civil Aviation
console Flight Services Console
Ex. Broken Hill
console Flight Services Console
Ex. Mount Gambier
c. 1950-1980
console Kingsley Receiver AR7
RAAF c.1950's
console Vintern R32 VHS Receiver
(Y5/613) Ground to Air
(see below)
console WRE Telemetry Test Receiver
Used with Jindivik Pilotless Aircraft

Air Ministry Receiver R1155
Marconi (UK) R1155 was the workhorse of Bomber Command. Each aircraft had two R1155s. One was used by the Wireless operator and the other by the Navigator. The R1155 was equipped with Radio Direction Finding capabilities.

Air Ministry Test Set
G.E.C. (UK) R1294 also known as the AB2. In 1942, it was decided to establish a South West Pacific Radar Counter Measures in Australia. Three R1294 units were shipped to Australia from the UK to be used until more sophisticated Halicrafter equipment arrived from the USA. Less than 100 R1294s were built. They are a very rare item.

Vintern R32 (Vinten)
Hazeldine (USA) BC1421A, 100 to 150 MHz VHF tunable receiver. These were used post war by DCA as a monitor receiver.

Other Examples in Storage (a small sample)
ARC ADF Receiver (Cessna) Model 33230-0500
AWA Type A56464 VSWR Test Oscillator
Bendix SCR-578 Emergency Radio Transmitter ('Gibson Girl')
King DME Receiver
Marconi Signal Generator. Model TF801A (1954)
Motorola ADF Receiver. Model 2302C
Narco Superhomer VHT - 3 VOR Transceiver
RAAF Identification Transceiver A1045
RAAF Receiver Type AR7
Radio Reciever type R1155B
T1083 Transmitter with spares
TR1520 VHF Transceiver (Vampire)
Traeger 4858 Transceiver (Typical ex RFDS Radio)
Traeger 595A Transceiver
Traeger S9/SA Transceiver with microphone
VHF Radio Antenna for aircraft
Vintern RT-12Radio Transceiver SN 115
WREBUS Receiver Radio MK 4
WW2 Radio Receiver Type 1155